JGT Power Rankings 1/28

A completely wild week at quizzo, as we had two first time teams win and a 3rd lose by a single point.

1. Steak Em Up. They missed the first question on Tuesday, then got the next 39 correct. But on Thursday, they fell in OT at the Bards. It was great. Last week: #1

2. Duane’s World. The hot streak continues, as they win their 5th straight at Black Sheep and force a Bounty. Last Week: #2

3. Why Can’t Us? This team has been on fire lately, winning 4 times since the start of December, and losing 4 other times by 3 points or less. This past week, they put an impressive 123 on the board on a quiz Duane’s World scored 99 on and Steak Em Up scored 91 on. Last week: #12

4. Savage Ear. This team is back with a vengeance. A big win at O’Neals on Tuesday, followed by a 2nd place finish at the sports quiz. Both Jim and I are quite pleased that the Toddfather has put the band back together. Last week: #8

5. Stillmaniacs. An OT win followed by a 1 point win. These Cardiac Kids are showing some real grace under fire. Last week: #9.

6. Sidecardigans. A 3-point loss at home drops them a spot in the rankings, but their spirits remain high. Last week: #5

7. FFSF. Yes, they defeat Steak Em Up, but it did take them like 11 players to do it. Don’t you people see what Steak Em Up has done to me? Still, they beat them, and at this point every time a team defeats STeak Em Up, no matter what the circumstances, I take it as a personal victory. Last week: #14

8. The Jams. Back to Back losses, without even a top 3 finish last week, has them tumbling down the list. Last week: #3

9. Sharks With Lasers Pew! Pew! They come outta nowhere to knock off the Sidecardigans and a packed house at the Sidecar last Monday. Can they keep it going this week? Last week: NR

10. Awesome Deuche Nozzles. Another team that just wandered onto the scene and quickly made a name for themselves, this time at the Rendezvous. When Clown Question returns, and if Jam Master Phil ever stops having to fly to awful cities for work, the Vous could once again become the center of the local nerd universe. Last week: NR

Rest of the Top 20.

11. Tempura House.

12. Clown Question Bro.

13. Mysterious Mr. Mapother.

14. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics.

15. Underground Bard.

16. Bears are Scared of Jazz Hands.

17. Sex Toy Story 3-Some.

18. Sedgely Singh.

19. Catfishing in the Yemen.

20. Victorious Secret.


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