JGT Power Rankings 1/14

1. Steak Em Up (Bards). I decided to leave a hint out of one of the questions at the Bards. It ended up costing them a perfect score. If it was any other team I’d feel bad about it. But because it was them I felt awesome about it. (And yes, another team got it right w/o the hint so it was still a legit question.)

2. Duane’s World (Black Sheep). Three straight wins at the Sheep, despite a packed house each week.

3. The Jams (Locust Rendezvous). Also on a three game win streak.

4. Bears Are Scared of Jazz Hands (O’Neals). They continue their hot run with another win at O’Neals this last week.

5. Tempura House (North Star). Palestra Jon has put together quite a nice team, with daughter Sarah proving that her Jeopardy run was no fluke .

6. Sidecardigans (Sidecar). Big win at home this past Monday gets them back in the mix.

7. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics (UA). A win last week had them moving up the charts, but a crushing defeat at Black Sheep on Wednesday sends them right back down.

8. Why Can’t Us (UA). Two straight two-point losses at Ugly American.┬áBrutal.

9. Johnny Goodtimes (UA). D-Mac, Sarah Baicker, and ┬áMolly from It’s Not Creepy have joined forces the past couple of weeks at UA, and could have built the nucleus of a juggernaut for 2013. Keep in mind, D-Mac was part of the team that finished 2nd at Quizzo Bowl V.

10. Clown Question Bro (Rendezvous). An astounding seven 2nd-place finishes in the past 3 months without a single victory.

The rest of the Top 20.

11. FFSF

12. 5-Finger Assprint

13. Hooter and Chuff

14. Mysterious Mr. Mapother

15. Underground Bard

16. Blazing Sea Nuggets

17. Madame Butterface

18. Happy Birthday to the Ground

19. Not Creepy if You Say It Right

20. Interim Team Name

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