Cool Job: Interviews with Interesting People

Not too long ago, I read the excellent book “Working” by Studs Turkel. In it, he interviewed people from all different types of jobs, from waitress to fireman to prostitute. I’ve really been wanting to do something similar to that ever since, and feel that I’m fortunate enough to have a ton of friends doing interesting jobs, so it would be cool to learn more about them.

Of course, I’m doing this with a zero budget, so I can’t really follow them at a day on the job or anything, but I can always do a quick interview with them online. So that’s what I’ve started doing, interviewing people with interesting jobs, ask them a bit about what they do, what their day is like, the best and the worst parts of it. So if you have an interesting job and I don’t know about it, just shoot me a line and I’ll try to set something up. First interview is coming soon!

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