JGT Top 20 Power Rankings

These do not include last night’s quizzes. A lot of movement in the standings, with several upsets last week.

1. Steak Em Up. They win on Tuesday at CTH, but not on Thursday. With confidence lagging, they add Carl and Sandman for Sunday’s City vs. City event. Cowards. They did win, but didn’t have the high score in the country. Last week: #1

2. Duane’s World. A tough Wednesday-Thursday quiz last week, and Duane’s World won a defensive battle to move up a spot in the rankings. Last week: #3

3. The Jams. Finish out of the top 3 last week, but they’ve won 10 out of the past 13 weeks, so they only drop a notch. Last week: #2

4. 5-Finger Assprint. Back to back wins at the Sidecar launch 5-Finger Assprint into the top 5 for the first time ever. Last week: #7

5. Savage Ear. Finish 2nd at O’Neals, but don’t drop in standings. Why not? They still scored 111 in the loss. Last week: #5

6. Happy Birthday to the Ground. While their status as “Most Obnoxious” team has long been acknowledged, it’s now time to acknowledge that they’re pretty smart too. They’ve won 3 out of the past 4 weeks at North Star. Last week: #11

7. Interim Team Name. WHOA! 118 points? Where in the hell did that come from? Last week: NR

8. Hooter and Chuff. A third place finish at O’Neals drops them a few notches. Last week. #4

9. Underground Bard. Another week, another 2nd place finish to Steak Em Up. Actually, two second place finishes. They also finished 2nd Sunday night. Last week: #14

10. Mr. September. Huge win for September at Vous on Wednesday. Last week: NR

11. TalkSmackers. Huge upset over Steak Em Up (ok, so it was only Kenney. Still.) on Thursday. Last week: NR

12. Bears are Scared of Jazz Hands. Been a while since they got a win, but they locked it down on Thursday at UA. Last week: NR.

Rest of the Top 20.

13. Mysterious Mr. Mapother
14. Snapjack
15. Sidecardigans.
16. Why Can’t Us.
17. Clown Question Bro.
18. Andy Reiding Railroad.
19. Blazing Sea Nuggets
20. Puppy Puppets

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