The JGT Power Rankings Return

1. Steak Em Up (City Tap House). Whatever.

2.  Duane’s World (Black Sheep). Six wins in the past eight weeks at Black Sheep, plus a 2nd place finish at the Invitational.

3.Sidecardigans (Sidecar). Four game winning streak finally stopped on Monday night.

4. The Jams (Locust Rendezvous). They’ve won 8 of the last 10 at the Vous, though they’ve lost those two matches in the past three weeks.

5. Mysterious Mr. Mapother (O’Neals). Recent run of 8 straight wins at O’Neals snapped last week. Can they return to the top, or was that just a mysteriously magical run?

6. Hooter and Chuff (Multiple). North Star. O’Neals. Rendezvous. They bounce around from bar to bar, but they always seem to end up in the money. A huge win for them last week at the Vous.

7. 407 Primrose Yellow Jackets (Ugly American). The team formerly known as the Diabetics have been fairly quiet lately, though they did get a win at Ugly American two weeks ago. They have the talent to make a run at the top, but do they have the heart and determination to do so? Stay tuned.

8. Underground Bard (City Tap House). Steak Em Up’s toughest consistent competition at City Tap House (Better Than Danny is also tough, but less consistent), they need to add a player or two to make a real run at the Steak.

9. Happy Birthday to the Ground (North Star). They’ve long been quizzos loudest team, but with two straight wins at North Star, they’re starting to look like a contender.

10. Clown Question Bro (Locust Rendezvous). If it wasn’t for the Jams, this team would be the talk of the town. Four 2nd Place finishes in the past 7 weeks. Can they finally get a win this week?

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