Hire JGT For Your Holiday Party

Just a quick reminder folks that JGT is available for private events for a great price and a guaranteed good time or your money back! And with the holidays coming up, what better time to invite a man with a plaid jacket and an old bookbag into your home or business to perform? Answer: there is no better time. So shoot me an email at johnny@johnnygoodtimes.com and inquire about my holiday rates which are a lot cheaper than a rock ‘n’ roll band or a pack of caroling dogs or whatever. And unlike those caroling dogs, Johnny Goodtimes offers a NO PEE ON YOUR CARPET GUARANTEE. Shoot me a line. I do holiday parties, weddings, corporate functions, I will even come over to your house and just watch TV if you promise to supply me with beer and pizza. IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE. Let’s do this!

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