John Kensil Tweets

As I’ve told you before, the most hilarious tweeter in Philadelphia is John Kensil. Here’s a few more of my favorites that he’s posted recently.

Just watched a special on David Copperfield’s tricks, know how he does them? He’s the devil.

Hey The Apple Dumpling Gang is on! Grab some soda, popcorn, candy and a nice long belt and a strong 2nd floor banister!

Boy that #walkingDead show sure is full of nutty characters, running around , acting all sorts of nutty, I wish Arsenio hall was on it.

One Time I tried to carve Jack O Lantern out of a basketball, It exploded & blew my clothes off my body, Well that’s what I told the cops.

The worst part of an Ice Cream truck driver’s funeral? Listening to “Pop Goes The Weasel” on bagpipes.


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