Let’s Talk About Sex in My Basement

First of all, the video above is one I did for Philly Mag. I talked with Timaree of the excellent blog Sexwithtimaree.com about why 50 Shades of Grey is awful in every conceivable way. It’s a fun interview, very short, so give it a look even if you don’t care about the book.

A few other things you might dig:

The best pics of the Phillies old home field, the Baker Bowl. Here’s Part 1 and here’s Part 2. Some really incredible pics on there.

Check out these proposals for Veteran Stadium, including a dome proposal that nearly happened.

And we’re up over 300 followers on facebook and 470 followers on twitter. Thanks to everyone who has followed, and hope some more Philly sports fans follow. We’re doing some cool stuff on there.

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