JGT Power Rankings

With the Summer Invitational kicking off this week, I thought it would do us some good to see who our top teams have been the past few weeks. This was tough to do. Except at the Bards, we’ve had incredible parity the past couple of months (6 winners in 7 weeks at UA, 5 straight different winners at O’Neals,

1. Steak Em Up. Nobody is even close. These guys are winning every week by 30 points. It’s getting ridiculous. Is there anyone out there who can put together a superteam to try to knock these guys off? There is a bounty on their heads at the Bards, where they’ve won the past 7 weeks. Anyone who beats them this week gets $20 from me as well as their $40 gift certificate. Come on, people, invite your damn smart friends out.

2. The Jams. The Jams are in the midst of one of the strangest streaks we’ve ever seen at quizzo. They’ve won every other week since April 14th. They lost last week, which means they’re due for a win this week.

3. Duane’s World. Also on a strange every other week streak. They’ve won every other week since May 11th. Wednesdays are weird. Regardless, still the team to beat at Black Sheep, although the 5th Estate took them out last week and Blaizng Sea Nuggets continue to be a thorn in their side.

4. Interim Team Name. These new kids on the block have made quite a name for themselves, winning twice in one week two weeks ago. Is this team ready for the big time or did they just hit a hot streak? We’ll see during the JGTSuI.

5. Dukes of Fire Hazzards. Knocked off the Jams a few weeks ago, then won at O’Neals last week. If only they could scrub that last place finish at Seinfeld quiz off their record.

6. The Sidecardigans. Have cooled off a bit lately, but recently sported a 4-week winning streak at Sidecar. The nerdiest staff in quizzo, I’ll put them up against any bar in the city.

7. Popesack Resurrected. Have made themselves scarce since their huge JGTSpI win in overtime, but did return long enough to notch a win at North Star last week.

8. FFSF. This team has nothing if not resilience. Each week, they come to City Tap House and fall to Steak Em Up, but always put up respectable scores that would make them winners at a lot of other bars. This team needs to make a free agent signing to get them over the top.

9. Mr. September. In the last three weeks, went from 3rd to 2nd to first at the Vous. An impressive climb to the top.

10. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. Two 2nd place finishes in the last 3 weeks. This once perennial top 5 teams has fallen on hard times lately. They’re kind of the Phillies of quizzo. Once powerful and proud, but due to injuries just a shell of their former selves.

Others receiving votes: Sharktoberfest, Quizasters, Blazing Sea Nuggets, Catdog, 5th Estate, Quiz Markie, Magnus ver Magnusson, Mysterious Mr. Mapother, Tempura House, Five FInger Ass Print, Avenue Hustlaz,


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