Kick off Beer Week With a Day of Games on Saturday

Pretty excited to be hosting a very, very fun event on Saturday at the City Tap House. The Day of Games will test your mental acuity, athletic prowess, and singing ability, and also allow you to drink some kickass beers for only $4 each. ¬†Furthermore, there is a bitchin’ prize for the winner: 5 tix to an upcoming Phillies game, a cooler of ice cold beer, and transportation to the game. Yeaahh buddy.

Here’s how it will work: teams of 5 people each will participate in a variety of games, including tricycle relays, a blind beer taste test, a picture round, and putt-putt golf. Musical entertainment will be provided by the great Kenn Kweder. The final two teams will then face-off: in a karaoke death match. Winner walks away with the sweet prize. It’s free to enter, and needless to say, uniforms are encouraged. Warning: there will be water balloons involved in this event. Action starts at high noon on Saturday.

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