But Enough About You, Let’s Talk About Me

A couple of very cool projects I worked on this week. Both well worth a read.

Philly’s One Hit Wonders. Ten of the biggest musical one-hit wonders in the city’s history.

Recently I met with Harvey Pollack. He’s worked in the NBA since 1945, first with the Warriors and later with the Sixers. He was the official statistician the night Wilt scored 100 points. In part one of our discussion, he talks about that game. In part two, he tries to solve the great mystery: where is that ball?

Harvey’s got his favorite basketball story, I’ve got mine: the time I played against Iverson in high school.

In other sports history news, it was 77 years ago tonight that the Phillies played in the first ever night game in MLB history. Here’s the story of that game.


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