JGT Spring Invite Scores After 5 Weeks

It is going to be a slightly longer spring season. May 6th is the Broad Street Run, which killed our attendance last year, and May 13th is Mother’s Day. So the Spring Invitational will be May 20th. (I’ll have details on a venue and entertainment soon. Working on a couple of things.) The good news is that means that even if you haven’t scored any point yet there is still time because the season is an extra week this year (9 week season, plus a wild card week). Here are the scores after 5 weeks.

Remember, teams who score over 90 get a bonus point and those who score over 100 get two bonus points (assuming you finish top 3.) Teams in yellow are in the Top 10 and eligible for a bonus prize. Teams in yellow or green would earn an invite if the season ended today (I’ve upped it to 18 invites, since we’ve recently added two new bars.) Teams in blue are on the outside looking in, but there is still plenty of time to get back in the hunt. If something seems wrong with your score, it could be because a) I screwed up. Most likely or b) you had two different team names. If you do change team names and are angling for an invite, please write down your old name on your paper. Best place to get a win? Right now, there are no dominant teams on Mondays at either North Star or Sidecar. And if you couldn’t find a table at Sidecar the first few weeks, try again tonight. It’s slowed down a little since the “new car smell” wore off, so there is a much better chance of getting a seat than there was a month ago.


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