Haiti Fundraiser Tonight at City Tap House

The Penn Nursing Task Force on Haiti will be asking for donations tonight at the City Tap House. Here is a bit of info on the project:

We are joining a long term project to develop the nursing education program in Haiti. The project began at Regis College in Boston. Currently no university level nursing programs exist in Haiti and health literacy in general is very low. Regis college is bringing Haitian nurses (currently educated at the equivalent of an associates degree) to Boston to receive a graduate level education. These nurses have committed to return to Haiti and build a university level nursing education program. The Haitian nurses will complete their masters degree partially on line, partially in Boston, and partially in Haiti when nursing professors from U.S. universities travel there to teach. Faculty from Penn Nursing are volunteering to teach the Haitian nurses in Boston this year and Haiti in the future. This will require unpaid leave for weeks or more, and significant expenses for travel and accommodations. The Penn Nursing Task Force on Haiti is raising money to support the teachers who volunteer so that we will be able to send more faculty.

There will be a raffle at tonight’s quiz as well. Among the gift’s will be a gift certificate to Chabaa Thai Bistro, free tickets to a show at the International House, and two bottles of chianti. Gonna be several questions on Haiti as well. Might want to study up on your Haiti knowledge if you’re gonna play at CTH. Hope to see ya tonight, and bring a few bucks to help this wonderful cause. Action starts at 10:15 p.m.

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