Everything You Need to Know About the Mad Men Quiz Sunday

What: Mad Men quizzo and costume contest.

Who: You, me, and a bunch of other Mad Men junkies.

When: Sunday, March 25th.

Where: The Trestle Inn. 11th and Callowhill (Callowhill Street…the Madison Avenue of Philly!)

Why: It’s the debut of season 5, and I wanted to do a quiz in a spot with a 60s vibe. This place has it.

So what’s the deal? Teams of up to 6 can play. Teams who show up early will get first priority of seating. (I would suggest showing early. I could be wrong, but I think we’re gonna get a pretty packed house for this.) Extra incentive for showing early? We’re going to show the last episode of Season 4 before quizzo begins. (Showing is at 5 p.m. in the back room.) Quizzo will start at 6, and should be done by 8:15 so you’ve got time to make it home to watch the Season 5 premiere (which starts at 9).

Will there be drink specials? Yes. $3 Lord Chesterfield Drafts, $5 for a can of PBR and a shot of Old Crow, and their delicious Whiskey Sours are only $4. (I had one on Tuesday. Trust me. They’re great.)

Are we supposed to dress up? I am highly encouraging people to dress in their Mad Men finest. In fact, best dressed wins a gift certificate.

Is it free to play? Yes.

The Trestle Inn? Is that a strip club? No, it’s no longer a strip club. It’s a whiskey go-go bar with great beers on tap, and their drink list is inspired by the libations popular in the 1960s. That’s why I really wanted to do it at this bar. The only drawback is that it’s not huge. It can probably seat about 75. Once we cross that point, park’s closed. So don’t show up right at 6 if you want to guarantee yourself a seat.

What Will the Quiz Be Like? With the attention to detail shown by the show, I think it would do it a disservice to not show that same detail in my questions. There will be questions on the characters, the actors, the producers, the products, the music, and some of the historical events that take place within the show, among other things.  If you love Mad Men, I think you are really going to dig this quiz.


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