Ravens, Franklin, and Goats

A question on Thursday/Mondays quiz in the Edgar Allan Poe round had to do with the bird Grip. “The bird that inspired The Raven was named Grip and actually belonged to this writer, more famous than Poe at the time. Who was that famous writer?” The correct answer was Charles Dickens. If you haven’t already read it, please check out this piece I did recently on that very bird. The stuffed bird is actually at the Philly Free Library. I think it’s pretty damn interesting that a single bird inspired two of the most famous authors of the 19th century (though I’ll personally take Poe over Dickens any day of the week).

Last week I did a piece on 5 things you didn’t know about Ben Franklin. They ended up discussing it on 1210 AM. Did you know that he hung out with Satanists, was in the Chess Hall of Fame, and left the city of Philly $200 million…in 1991?

On Sunday, two men became immortals for all the wrong reasons. Kyle Williams and Billy Cundiff both came up small at the end of very important games. I decided to look back at Philadelphia athletes and coaches who choked…and what Williams and Cundiff can learn from how #1 reacted to it.

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