Quizzo Tonight

What a strange week. I thought we’d be dead all week, but after a slow Tuesday, both bars were packed last night. Always hard to predict these things, but I hope we get a few folks out tonight as well. Gonna be an all new quiz, so if your New Year’s Resolution was to play more quizzo, then you can play again tonight. Why not? We start at Ugly American at 8 p.m. $2 beers and $3 fries. On to the Bards. $2.50 brews and $3 fries. Tough to beat. Speaking of tough to beat, there seems to have been a power shift, with Steak Em Up attending more often at Ugly American. That has left somewhat of a power vacuum at Bards. Can your team fill it and start the year with ungodly quizzo power?

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