Messin’ With Texas

Two teams from Philly are headed down to Austin this weekend to participate in Geek Bow VI. This will be our 3rd appearance. In 2010 we finished 4th and in 2011 we finished 3rd (both of those were held in Denver). Well, this year, it’s being held in Texas, and we decided to go for all the marbles. Carl (Specific Jawns) and I humbly accepted a demotion to the B-team so that Phil (Jams) and Kenney (Steak) could join the A-team, and give Philly it’s best chance for a title. We will be playing with the wives and girlfriends team, which is kind of like being traded from the LA Lakers to the Washington Generals, and Carl and I are both thrilled to be playing alongside our wives.

As some of you who have followed this little shindig for the past few years are aware, while those nerds do this thing to answer questions, I do it to talk smack. Last year I unleashed a vicious diss rap of Denver. This year I decided to make an educational video. I understand that a lot of people in Philly don’t know a lot about Texas, so I thought I’d teach you a little bit about the state and its customs and people.


If you want to follow us this weekend to see how we do, you can follow me on twitter and facebook. I’ll be updating all weekend (much to the chagrin of my wife.)

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