JGT Power Rankings Return

Ok, first time in a while. This is an overview of our best teams over the past month, really.

#1 Steak Em Up. A win this past week over 150 teams in Austin puts them at the top of the list. Of course, they’ve been dominating lately in Philly as well.

#2 Duane’s World. Nobody could knock off Steak Em Up in Austin, but one team did in Philly last week. A huge win for the World at Black Sheep, their 2nd in a row.

#3 The Jams. The Vous was pretty wide open for a while, but lately the Jams have been running s***. 5 wins in the last 6 weeks at the Vous, including 3  in a row.

#4 L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. Another red hot team on the rise, the Diabetics have won 3 in a row at UA. Can they be stopped this week?

#5 Mister Lippers. A pretty big drop off from #4 to #5, but this team has the skills to make a move up the rankings this year. They’ve finished in the top 3 the past 3 weeks at O’Neals, including a win this past week.

#6 Some Douche Stole My Bike. Nobody hits more arenas than these guys. A win at Black Sheep 3 weeks ago. A win at North Star 4 weeks ago. A win at O’Neals 5 weeks ago. A 2nd place finish at UA two weeks ago, and a 3rd place finish there this past week. This could be the breakout team of 2012.

#7 Beer Goggles. These guys play under a bunch of different names at both CTH and Bards, and always seem to finish in the Top 3. They’re one nerd away from being a contender.

#8  Team Not in the Corner. I’m intrigued by these guys, a new addition to the scene. A win at O’Neals 3 weeks ago, and a 4-point loss this past week. They could be for real.

#9 Trivia Newton Jon. Quizzo veteran Palestra Jon is back…at least he was this past week, along with this daughter Sarah, who will be on College Jeopardy this Friday. They pulled off an impressive win at the Bards.

#10 Philliez Nutz. Give them credit for consistency. Until taking a week off this past week, they had finished 2nd to the Steak for three straight weeks.

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