The JGT Power Rankings Return

Ok, they’re back. Sorry I’ve been such a slacker the past few weeks, but this will get us caught up, and I’ll try to keep these going and in the future post them on Mondays. Standings are based primarily on performance over the past month.

1. Steak Em Up (City Tap and Bards). No surprise here. They’ve already won twice this week and have been on fire since their Autumn Invitational win. Nobody is even close.

2. Jams (Locust Rendezvous). Incredibly, we’ve had so much parity lately that only one team besides besides Steak Em Up has won more than once in the past 3 weeks. That team is the Jams, who have won two out of 3 at the Vous. Can they make it 3 of 4 tonight?

3. Mister Lippers (O’Neals). A dramatic come from behind win last night, making it 2 wins in the past month at O’Neals. They also teamed with the #4 team to finish 2nd at the Spring Invite.

4. Missing Heads (North Star). Two wins in the past month, they have established themselves as the team to beat at North Star.

5. Duane’s World (Black Sheep). Duane’s World got hot in November (3 wins in 4 weeks) but have cooled off in December, as they’re still looking for their first W.

6. Philliez Nutz (Bards). In the midst of a fairly monumental streak, they have finished 2nd at the Bards for 4 consecutive weeks. Got to give them credit for consistency. They also finished 3rd at the Invite.

7. Ruby Tuesday (Ugly American). 2 wins in the past month and a 4th place finish at the Invitational makes them the team to beat at UA.

8. Wee-Beys Kids (Ugly American) Almost knock off the Steak two weeks ago, then come in last week to the Ugly and take first place. This is a team on the rise.

9. Some Douche Stole My Bike (O’Neals). A 2nd place finish at Black Sheep last month plus a win at O’Neals last week gets them into the mix.

10. Angel’s Pujols (Bards). Every once in a great while, this team jumps up and makes some noise at the Bards. Last week was one of those great whiles.

11. Gobblers (Black Sheep). A big win last week at Black Sheep for these regulars. Can they keep the momentum going this week?

12. Magnus ver Magnusson (Locust Rendezvous). A first and two thirds over the past 3 weeks at the Vous, they remain the most consistent team at the Vous not named the Jams.

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