1911 Christmas Ads, Playboy Ballplayers, and Google Proof Quizzes in England

-Think you’re going to enjoy my latest piece in the Philly Post. Yesterday I went to the library to find some old Christmas ads, and boy did I find some doozies. Dwarf parrots, giant kangaroos, and the prospect of a booze free Christmas were among my finds. You’re going to enjoy this piece.

-In England, the problem of iphones has driven one quizmaster so batty he’s decided to make a Google Proof quiz.

“Now people are using their phones all the time. It’s a shame because it defeats the whole purpose of the quiz, which is to test your own general knowledge.”…Downloadable software, such as Shazam, can be used to help easily recognise the artist and track of pop songs.┬áBut Mr Bray has confounded would-be spoilsports by digitally masking his chosen soundtracks before he plays them to the crowd.

It’s nice to know that quizmasters all over the world are all dealing with the same issue. I used to call people out for using their phones. Now I don’t even bother. I simply insure that they don’t win. In fact a team last week should have won at one of the quizzes, but one of them was on their phone for much of the final round, so I just deducted 25 points from their score to make sure they lost. Were they cheating? Don’t know, don’t care. If the phone is out, you’re losing 25 points. Boom.

-A couple of recent Phillies pieces I did you might enjoy. First of all, the tragic tale of former Phils pitcher Bo Belinsky. He had bombshell girlfriends, plenty of money, and his life was a nonstop party. But when his career was over, he had no direction, and spent the rest of his life trying to find one. The next story is one of those great “What ifs” that make being a sports fan so much fun (and htis Eagles season so frustrating). What if the Phillies had never traded away Ferguson Jenkins?


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