Wrestling Quizzo This Sunday!

Alright, rasslin’ fans, this one is gonna be real to you, damnit! My buddy Bryce is a ref for Chikara Wrestling and we’ve been talking forever about doing a wrestling quiz. Well, now’s the time. In anticipation of their huge High Noon Event on November 13th at the Asylum Arena at 7 West Ritner, we’re going to do a pro wrestling quiz this Sunday. Questions will cover all aspects of pro wrestling, from finishing moves to entrance music to great matches. All pro wrestling will be covered, but there will be an emphasis on the 1980s and 90s, primarily WWF and WCW. But don’t worry, underground fans, we’ll work the AWA and ECW into the mix as well.

Action goes down at the POPE this Sunday at 7 p.m. In addition to prizes for our winners, we’ll also have prizes for best Wrestling outfit and best wrestler impersonation. This is gonna be a ton of fun, or my name ain’t Johnny “The Mouth of the South” Goodtimes.

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