New Power Rankings

Another wild week sends the QCS computer scrambling to figure out who’s ranked where.

1. Steak Em Up (Bards). Finally, a team holds onto the #1 spot for two straight weeks. Barely. A narrow win over Philliez Nutz. Last week: #1

2. Duane’s World (Black Sheep). 2 straight wins at the Sheep. This team has its swagger back. ¬†Last week: #3

3. Philliez Nutz (Bards). Lose to Steak on number question at the end. These guys are for real. Last week: #4

4. Savage Ear (O’Neals). A win followed by a 2nd place finish. After a controversial hiatus, complete with vicious mudslinging emails between the Toddfather and myself, they are back in full effect. Last week: #6

5. Honey Badgers (Locust Rendezvous). Who dreamed of a day when the last 4 Rendezvous quizzes would be won by either the Honey Badgers or the Butterfaces? Last week: NR

6. Million Dollar Robot Baby (City Tap House). Two wins and three 2nd place finishers in the past 6 weeks. Last week: NR

7. Madame Butterface (Locust Rendezvous). A bad outing at the Vous sends them tumbling down the rankings. Nonetheless, they scored the most points in the JGTAI, so kudos for that. Last week: #2

8. Ruby Tuesday (Ugly American). Quietly making a name for themselves. Won at City Tap House a month ago, won at Ugly American last week. Last week: NR

9. Mister Lippers (O’Neals). If these guys played more often, I think they’d be a regular top 5 team. Whenever they play, they are really, really good. Last week: NR

10. Do It Live (Tap House). They’ve gone from first to 2nd to 3rd in the past 3 weeks. Will their slide continue or are they going to be a perennial Top 3 finisher at CTH? Last week: #7

11. PSU Defensive Coordinator (Tap House). Pull off a shocker last week at CTH. Is this a one-hit wonder or is this team for real? Last week: NR

12. Missing Heads (North Star). Didn’t exactly set any scoring records last week, but still got a hard-earned victory. Will these Black Sheep refugees establish themselves as the team to beat up North? Last week: NR

Also receiving votes:  Inglorious Barristers, Catdog, Goudafellas, Fracksylvania, Queen of Hearts, The Jams, Magnus ver Magnusson, Mysterious Mr. Mapother

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