JGT Power Rankings for Week of November 1st

After the wildest week in JGT quizzo history, things are all sorts of insane. Not a single team in last week’s Top 12 won this week, and only four of them even finished in the top 3. Here are the latest rankings.

1. Vacant. There simply is no-one to put here after last week. All of our top teams should be happy about this, as the position is obviously cursed. The Top ranked team has lost every single week following their #1 ranking so far.

2. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. (Ugly American) No-way they can keep the title after losing by 9 points, but their 2nd place finish at least keeps them in 2nd on the big board. Last week: #1

3. Duane’s World. (Black Sheep) Hard to believe that a 3rd place finish could move a team up in the rankings, but compared to how our other perennial champs did, it was a major victory. Last week: #4

4. Madame Butterface (The Vous). Came into the Vous on Wednesday and sent a message at our toughest bar, loud and clear. Was it a flash in the pan, or is this team for real? We’ll find out soon enough. Last week: NR

5. Wet Bandits. (O’Neals). Dominate at O’Neals with a 116. As with all of the teams this week, hard to know if they’re for real or all about the 2 G’s. Last week: NR

6. Million Dollar Robot Baby (City Tap House). Stay put in the rankings thanks to a mere 8-point loss and 2nd place finish at CTH. Last week: #6

7. Steak Em Up (Bards). Not even a Top 3 finish. They get in on name recognition alone. Last week: #3

8. Do It Live (City Tap House). Who are they? Why are they here? I have no idea, but I’d like to see them play again to see if there is a new powerhouse at CTH. Last week: NR

9. The Jams (Rendezvous). Normally a 109 has you closer to the top of the list. This week, it just got the Jams a 7 point loss. Last week: #11

10. That’s Just How Quizzo Go. (Black Sheep). That’s just how quizzo went last week. A huge win at the Sheep. Last week: NR

11. Queen of Hearts is a Nice Piece of Ace (Bards). Love teams like this. Been playing forever, never took home top prize, and finally on one night, all of the stars aligned and they win at a packed bar. Awesome. Last week: NR

12. Mustard Gives Me Gas (Ugly American). Look damn impressive, a 3-player team knocking off the #1 Diabetics. On a normal week, they’d be even higher, but last week wasn’t a normal week. Last week: NR

13. We Got Fracked (North Star). Another team with its first ever win after playing for a long time, they take home the trophy at the North Star bar and move into our power rankings for the first time ever. Will #13 be lucky for Fracked? Last week: NR

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