JGT Power Rankings for Week of October 4th

JohnniE of Duane’s World said after their loss last week: “There are 3 places that nobody wants to be, because of the accompanying curse. The cover of SI, the cover of Madden, and #1 on the JGT power rankings.” Well, the top 3 teams in the past 3 rankings have all lost the following week, so there could be some truth to that statement. We’ll see if this week’s #1 can avoid the curse. If your team made the cut, click like below to show off to your friends how much of a nerd you are.

1. The Jams (Locust Rendezvous). They are a team of mystery outside of the Vous since they refuse to have their photo taken, but being the top team at JGT’s toughest quizzo bar makes them the picture of success. (That’s terrible writing, folks.) Last week: #5

2. Team Popesack (North Star). This 3 player team just keeps on winning at North Star. With the other top teams tumbling, they make a giant leap in the standings. Last week: #6

3. Steak Em Up (CTH and Bards). Were primed to take ove rhte top spot with a big win on Tuesday and a big lead on Thursday, but a stunning collapse in the final round keeps them in the #3 spot. Last week: #3

4. Inglorious Barristers (Locust Rendezvous). Keep in mind the QCS computers keep strength of schedule in mind when making these rankings, and a first and 2nd place finish the past two weeks at the Vous has the Barristers shooting up the charts.  Last week: #7

5. Duane’s World (Black Sheep). A third place finish knocks the World out of the top spot, but at least lifts the dreaded JGT Cover curse. Last week: #1

6. What’s Good for the Puma (Black Sheep). Now that Catdog has started getting married, having children, and behaving like adults, there has been a bit of a power vacuum at Black Sheep the past few months. Enter a new cat. What’s Good for the Puma looks like they might be taking up the role of Duane’s World’s chief nemesis with an impressive win this past week. Last week: NR

7. Why Can’t Us (Ugly American). Heidi’s husband Bill looks an awful lot like Joe Blanton, but this team is still all aces. Last week: NR

8. Phillies Nutz (Bards). A huge come from behind win for the Nutz, as they knock off the Steak at the Bards on Thursday. Last week: NR

9. Jews for Tom Cruise (O’Neals). Win a defensive struggle at O’Neals on Tuesday to climb into the Top 10. Last week: NR

10. Million Dollar Robot Baby (City Tap House). Record the 2nd highest score on the JGT circuit last week…and lose to Steak Em Up, who had the highest. Last week: NR

Also receiving votes: Specific Jawns, Missing Heads, Boner Soup, We Got Here Late, Mr. Mapother, Madame Butterface, Taint Jester, Mom’s Textually Active, Magnus ver Magnusson, The Champs, the Diabetics, Tooth Wind and Fire

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