JGT Power Rankings Extended to Top 12

A weird week last week, as the Phillies games had us scrambling to reschedule and move around quizzes. Nonetheless, we continue to have a lot of parity, with teams rarely winning on back to back weeks. It really has made for a lot of movement on the Power Rankings.

1. Steak Em Up (Bards). A loss at O’Neals with a small team, but an easy win at a crowded Bards pulls them into the top spot. But it wasn’t all good for the Steak. Nate “Facepaint” DiGiorgio had to watch the Eagles blow it again, then had his fantasy football team crushed by mine. Last week: #3

2. What’s Good for the Puma (Black Sheep). Two wins in a row for the Puma at Black Sheep has really put this fairly new squad on the JGT radar in a hurry. Last week: #6

3. Team Popesack (North Star). Only two teams showed at North Star thanks to Phillie fatigure, so we just went ahead and had a friendly. It actually turned out to be a hell of a lot of fun, and we even got live music at the end of it. Popesack won, though it doesn’t count in the Invite. Hopefully, they’ll test their mettle against some tougher competition this week. Last week: #2

4. The Jams (Locust Rendezvous). A 3rd place finish at the Vous, but that was rather deceiving. The change in days left them with only two players. I fully expect them to bounce back this week. Last week: #1

5. Million Dollar Robot Baby (City Tap House). Cruise to an easy win at  CTH, and coupled with another loss by Duane’s World, they make the move into the Top 5. Matt’s daughter also played in her first soccer game this week. And judging from the facebook pictures, I have extremely good news to report: the little girl looks like her mother. Last week: #10.

6. Mysterious Mr. Mapother (O’Neals). A huge win over Steak Em Up, plus John gave me some quizzo pens for free. Any team that donates pens to the cause gets a bump in the rankings guaranteed. Also, money will work. Last week: NR

7. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics (Ugly American). Survive in OT at the Ugly American. And rumors of a “Hopalong” Cliver sighting at tonight’s quiz. I hope his 8 year rehab from that knee injury is almost over.  Last week: NR

8. Why Can’t Us (Ugly American). Heartbreaking loss in OT @ UA.  OMG. LOL. Last week: #7

9. Duane’s World (Black Sheep). Another 2nd place finish at the Sheep coupled with several new winners last week has this former #1 slipping down the rankings, though the housework JohniE and Mike did for us this past week keeps them in the Top 10. Last week: #5

10. Magnus ver Magnusson (Locust Rendezvous). About damn time. Last week: NR

11. Inglorious Barristers (Locust Rendezvous). Adam couldn’t make it on Thursday because he had band practice. Seriously. I’m guessing it’s a Backstreet Boys tribute band, but I could be wrong. Last week: #4

12. Madame Butterface (Locust Rendezvous). A 2nd place finish at the toughest bar on the circuit earns the Butterface a top 12 finish. Last week: NR

Also receiving votes: Taking it to the Max, Specific Jawns, Ruby Tuesday, Philliez Nutz, Jews for Tom Cruise, You Don’t Know Jack

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