JGT Power Rankings for Week of October 24th

1. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics (North Star and Ugly American). A narrow win at North Star followed by a blowout win at UA takes them to the top spot. Last week: #2

2. Philliez Nutz (Bards). Wanna get to the top of the rankings? Beat Steak Em Up 3 times in 4 weeks and I can guarantee you a spot in the Top 3. Last week: #5

3. Steak Em Up (CTH and Bards). A first place and a 2nd place keep them in the 3-hole. Last week: #3

4. Duane’s World (Black Sheep). Recent losing streak caused them to call in reinforcements. Don’t know if they even needed them in a 27-point shellacking at the Black Sheep. Last week: #12

5. Honey Badgers (Locust Rendezvous). Well, they already had the superlative “loudest team” pretty much locked up, but now you can finally put a win on their resume. Huge win for the Badgers. Congrats! Last week: NR

6. Million Dollar Robot Baby (City Tap House). At first glance, a 2nd place finish is nothing to be ashamed of. Until you see that they fell by 25. And the curse of the #1 rank continues. Still no team has remained #1 for two straight weeks. Last week: #1

7. Mysterious Mr. Mapother (O’Neals). 2nd win in 3 weeks for Mapother at O’Neals. Now that the Ear seems to have folded, Mapother has established itself as the team to beat at O’Neals. Last week: NR

8. Mister Lippers (Ugly American). Picked a good week to take a week off. With so many top teams losing, they only drop two spots in the rankings. Last week: #6

9. What’s Good for the Puma (Black Sheep). A third place finish at the Black Sheep keeps them holding steady at #9. Last week: #9

10. Inglorious Barristers (Vous). I started posting the top 3 quizzo scores at each bar in June of 2009. Since that time, there have been over 100 quizzes at the Vous. And not once, not once, did the Barristers, Jams, or Magnus all fail to finish in the Top 3. Until this week. Pretty incredible. Last week: #4

11. The Jams (Locust Rendezvous). There is no tougher team in quizzo when they are hot, but they aren’t hot right now. A rare Top 3 miss for the Jams. Last week: #7

12. What’s Good for the Puma (Black Sheep). Another Top-3 finish, but they are hanging onto a Top-12 standing by a thread. Last week: #9

Also receiving votes: Specific Jawns, Firehouse, Taking it to the Max, Popesack, Magnus ver Magnusson, Madame Butterface, 1022, Why Can’t Us, Missing Heads, Team Boyle

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