Fashion, Football, and Fritos Week

Going to be a very interesting week of quizzo this week, as our topics will be fashion, football (both American and futbol), and in honor of Arch West, junk food. I would highly suggesting adding a sports guy, if you haven’t already, and adding a fashion fan (and I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there will be no one person to fulfill both roles on your team.) And all of you baseball nuts who are jumping up and down with no baseball round with the playoffs starting this week, don’t you worry. Baseball questions are on teh horizon. Just gonna wait until we’re a little farther along in the playoffs.

Meanwhile, over on Facebook I am requesting your input for next week’s questions. Next week is going to be Overrated/Underrated Week, and all this week I am going to be asking you for things you think are overrated or underrated. Today, we start with movies. Post movies you think are overrated either on facebook or in comments below. After today, I’ll have you send me messages (We can’t have everyone seeing the answers). Anyways, I will be using your input on things that overrated and underrated to form many of next week’s questions. Should be fun.

Finally, I have added a new facebook physical challenge. And in lieu of some people requesting that they be more difficult, I am going to make this one a bit tougher. But you only need to get 2 photos to earn a max 6 points, as the photos will be worth 3 points each. I need you to get a pic of yourself in front of the two Charles Dickens statues on earth. (Either one is fine, though I doubt many of you will make the trip to Sydney). Hope to see ya this week!

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