Everything You Need to Know About the Jazz Spectacular

Who? You and I, old sport.

What? There’s going to be some swingin’ tunes from the 1920s, some Prohibition era drinks, a 1920s quiz, and a viewing of the season premiere of Boardwalk Empire.

So is the quiz about Boardwalk Empire? No the quiz is about the 1920s, though there will be questions about a few of the actual characters in Boardwalk Empire (Al Capone, Nucky Johnson, etc.)

What if I’m don’t know that much about the 1920s? Don’t worry about it. The point of this quiz is for everyone to have fun, not to ask a bunch of arcane questions about obscure 1920s characters. I’ll keep it loose, with some questions on 20s drinks, 20s big time celebs, and 20s slang. You won’t have to be a history prof to do well and have fun with this quiz.

When is it? Sunday, September 25th. Music starts at 6 p.m. Quiz starts at 6:30 sharp.

Where? A juice joint in the old National Mechanics buildin’. 3rd, between Chestnut and Market. Don’t tell a soul. If the cops catch us sellin’ hooch, we’ll be hard boiled.

Why? Why the hell not? It’s gonna be keen, see?

Is there a dress code? No dress code per se, but I am encouraging people to dress up a bit. And whoever has the best 1920s outfit is going to win a sweet, sweet prize.

Who is performing? The Blackbird Society Orchestra, a terrific 1920s Jazz Band. They’ll be playing the hits of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway and other 1920s greats. You can listen to some of their swingin’ tunes on their Myspace page. There are also rumors of a 1920s comedian, but these have not been confirmed.

How much is it? Tickets are $10 a pop.

What kind of prizes are we talking? The prizes are the bee’s knees. We’ve got a room for two at Resorts Atlantic City for one lucky winner, as well as gift certificates to Farmer’s Cabinet, Franklin Mortgage, National Mechanics, Franklin Fountain, and City Tap House, and seats for 2 at an upcoming event at Audrey Claire’s COOK.

Can you guarantee I’ll have fun, Johnny? Horsefeathers, chap, they don’t call me Goodtimes for nothin’. It’s gonna be jake!

This sounds terrific! I’ll see ya there, Johnny! Now you’re on the trolley!

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