$1 Corn Dogs, $2 Beers, $3 Fries and Philly’s Best Quizzo Tonight

Some great deals at quizzo tonight. We start at Ugly American, where you can pretty much eat and drink plenty for $10. $1 Corn Dogs, $2 Lagers, and a brand new special starting this week, $3 French Fries. That’s in addition to the fries I’ll be giving away. They’ll also be rocking $3 Kenzingers. Action starts at 8 p.m., and this is one bar where there is no dominant team. Why Can’t Us will certainly give you a run for your money though.

On to the Bards, where French Fry Faceoff typically turns into craziness. $2 Lager Lights and $3 Lagers. Quizzo starts at 10:15 p.m. Phillies game will be on at both bars. So if you want to watch some Phillies, play some quizzo, and partake in two of the best beer specials in Philly, come on out to quizzo tonight!

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