Let’s Talk About Sex in My Basement

Welcome to My Basement! from Johnny Goodtimes on Vimeo.

Today we debut a new show on the website called Welcome to My Basement!, in which I will be bringing lovely young women (and perhaps the occasional man) of Philadelphia down to my basement and then discussing various topics. Creepy yet captivating, the first episode is pretty damn good if I do say so myself. In the video, I am interviewing Timaree Leigh who has a great blog called sexwithtimaree.com (which is actually fairly safe for work.) The interview was so great that I split it into two parts, and this is part one. We discuss lesbians, animal sex, and whether or not humans are naturally monogamous. Part two will be up in a few days. If you like, please post on facebook or click “Like” below. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex in My Basement

  1. Ugly George (George Urban) had this idea 30 years ago. Then again, with a gold lame outfit, JGT would make a pretty convincing Ugly George for the new millenium.

  2. I once hooked up with someone named Timaree in Beijing, but unfortunately, he didn’t look anything like her. Frankly, I am surpsrised you were allowed to be alone in the basement with her.

  3. “[L]ovely young women (and perhaps the occasional man)”??? Please let one of those occasional men be Arthur Kade!

  4. Bah! Goodtimes should interview Dmitri the Lover to learn secret protocols to seduce lovely American women with large breasts. Is silly to waste time and energy with second rate information on sex. Sign up now for Dmitri’s workshop. No more blue balls!

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