End of Summer Bar by Bar Rundown

Good week this week. Two first time winners, Savage Ear stays red hot, a bounty is claimed, things continue to rock on at North Star, and the Magnus-Jams rivalry is alive and kicking at the Vous. With summer winding down, I thought I’d do a little rundown of how things are shaping up these days at each bar.

NORTH STAR– Really liking this room, and the North Star seems to be happy with how things are going so far. Some weeks, when the artists are up for it, we’re gonna get live music here too. See ya Monday at 7 p.m.

O’NEALS- Hitting an “end of the Summer lull”, so things aren’t as packed as they were a few weeks ago. Regardless, nobody is touching Savage Ear right now. Now that they’ve cut some dead weight (Greg and Toddfather), they seem to really be hitting their stride.

CITY TAP HOUSE– The very definition of the calm before the storm. Been quiet the last couple of weeks, but in two weeks you won’t be able to buy a seat. Of course, I didn’t do myself any favors by opening with an Elvis round. I think the kids at Penn these days look at Elvis the way we look at Glenn Miller. With Rock ‘n’ Roll as dead as Big Band music, Elvis doesn’t hold nearly as much relevance as he held even a mere 20 years ago. It’s interesting to note. Just my two cents.

LOCUST RENDEZVOUS– Apparently the formula for constant success at quizzo is great food and drink specials. Who knew? The Rendezvous did. Furthermore, about 5 years ago, when things were a little shaky there, they didn’t pull the plug. Glad to see that place rocking each and every week. One of my favorite places to host quizzo. My only regret? What happened to the Inglorious Barristers? I miss those guys.

BLACK SHEEP– Lots of parity these days, with 3 winners in the past 3 weeks. Can your team make it 4 outta 4 this Wednesday?

UGLY AMERICAN– Speaking of parity, things are still wide open at Ugly American. 8 different winners in the past 10 weeks. If your self confidence needs the boost a quizzo victory can provide, this is your best bet.

BARDS– Things have just been wild at Bards lately. Rap battles, potheads, faceoff fights. This is the wildest quiz on the circuit right now.

Get in on the fun this week!

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