Week 5 Starts Tonight

You celebrated yesterday to honor the brilliant paper written about the inherent rights of man written by a 33-year old Virginia native in 1776. Well today, you can celebrate 40 bitchin’ questions about summertime fun written by a 36-year old Virginia native at O’Neals and at the City Tap House. It’s the same, really. Only different.

We start at O’Neals at 8 p.m. There is simply no way to predict who will emerge victorious, as we’ve had a remarkable 6 different winners in the past 6 weeks. At the City Tap House, things have been a bit quieter during the summer months, but that just means that the insanely generous prizes are that much easier to get your hands on. $100 gift certificate for the winners. The fact that it’s the day after the 4th makes me think tonight might be a little quiet. Could be the perfect opportunity for your team to steal a win and skyrocket up the standings. Hope to see ya tonight!

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