Mike Minion Hosting a Baseball Quiz this Sunday Night

Sports fans rejoice. There are going to be two big sports quizzes this month. Mike Minion is hosting a baseball quiz this Sunday at Ugly American. There is also going to be another sports quiz on July 24th at the City Tap House. Details on the City Tap House quiz coming next week. Here’s the deets on Mike’s quiz, from the man himself.

The REAL Mid-Summer Classic will take place this Sunday evening at The Ugly American.  Forget the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby, this weekend true baseball fans will be flocking Front and Federal for the Mike Minion Baseball Quiz.  There will be questions on all aspects of the game, and a speed round with an anti-Yankee slant.  There will be a few baseball related specials at the bar, and the winner gets a $30 gift certificate ($20 for second).  In addition, I have a baseball-realted prize for the winners, and some nice consolation prizes the also-rans.  Best of all: no controversy over whether you are properly documented, and steroids are encouraged. EVERYONE is welcome! And yes, points will be awarded for the JGTSI.

If you’re a fan of the game, this is one quiz you don’t wanna miss.  First question will be thrown out at 8:05 PM.


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