Johnny Goodtimes Vs. Reef the Lost Cauze; Rap Battle on Thursday

I can’t put in words how excited I am to introduce our guest host at Bards Quizzo on Thursday night. Reef the Lost Cauze is not only one of my favorite rappers in Philly, he’s one of my favorites in the country. If you are not already familiar with his music, do yourself a favor and check him out on Myspace. I’ve also posted 5 of my favorite Reef songs below.

Reef’s gonna take some time out from his busy schedule to host a round of quizzo on Thursday…and there are rumors of a rap battle between Johnny Goodtimes and the best battle rapper in Philly. Needless to say, I’m bringing my A-game. Been working on my rhymes all afternoon. Action starts at the Bards at 10:15 p.m. You’ll also be able to win fries by knocking off Reef in a trivia challenge. This is gonna be a lot of fun.

5 of my favorite Reef songs:

1. Commander in Chief. “The hottest MC in your house is not ya, and you live alone with a puppy named Sasha.” Now that’s some funny shit.

2. Nat Turner.

3. Philly Cousins

4. I Wonder.

5. Humble Beginnings.

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