3 Philly Funnymen You Should Be Following on Twitter, Part 3

On Monday we brought you part one, on Tuesday we brought you part two, and today we bring you part three of our funniest Philly folks to follow on twitter. First, I must give credit where credit is due. I got the idea from Larry Mendte, who I steal all my great ideas from. Some of his suggestions for funniest were spot on with mine (Chip Chantry, Blake Wexler, Mary Radzinski, Paul Triggiani) and some were a bit off the mark (No names, but some of the ones on his list were pretty bad). But Larry also included some people with like 40,000 followers, where my goal is m0re  to show off people that not a lot of people follow, but should be following. So here are our next 3.

Blake Wexler. He’s young, he’s dumb, and he’s full of fun. And I was just kidding about the dumb part. He’s pretty smart. He goes to some fancy pants college up north. I won’t bother to look up which one, but I think it’s one for smart people. And he’s funny. Here’s a small sample.

Going to see Harry Porter tonight, where I plan on making a HUGE deal about bringing my own 3D glasses.

My ex treated her body like a temple. And by that, I mean every Friday night she’d fill it with Jews.

At a bar. Just walked up to a married women, sensually removed her wedding ring, and swallowed it. #nowwhat

Doogie Horner. A brilliantly quirky local comedian and master of the flowchart, though he is best known by suburbanites for appearing on America’s Got Talent. As great as he was on AGT, he’s even funnier when non-idiot audiences let him actually tell his jokes. Go see him live. He is also damn funny on twitter.

A lot of people ask me how I write my jokes. Let me tell you: I write them at the piano in an empty house, tears streaming down my face.

If someone is about to beat you up, but stops and says, “You’re not worth it,” what they mean is, “only valuable people deserve beatings.”

How many brazen, up-and-coming pan flute novices have challenged Zamfir for his title?

Christian Alsis. One half of the laugh-out-loud Feeko Brothers, perhaps my favorite sketch duo in Philly. If you ever get a chance to see these guys, DO IT. Seriously, they never disappoint.

Amish people are just hippies without the shitty jam band music.

Buying a bran muffin is like paying $1.75 to poop at work.

The way that nomadic tribes move from place to place is unsettling.

I’ll be back tomorrow with 3 more funny folks.

One thought on “3 Philly Funnymen You Should Be Following on Twitter, Part 3

  1. I love all three of these guys. I hope they’re all killed in an accident soon. That way, they can greet me when I head to the afterlife.

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