Wesley Willis’s Greatest Hits

Wesley Willis was the answer to a question at quizzo this week. Apparently, more than half of you had never heard of him. That must be remedied immediately. He was a chronic schitzophrenic from Chicago who made simple but bizarre songs in the 90s and early 2000s before tragically passing away in 2003 at age 40. He called rock ‘n’ roll his “joy ride music” because it kept his demons at bay. There are some who call it exploitation, and others who thought it was wonderful that he got a chance to do what he loved in front of adoring fans. (To learn more about this fascinating man, watch this documentary.) He pretty much sang over Casio keyboard loops, and closed every song song with “Rock Over London, Rock on Chicago” followed by a corporate slogan. Here then, are some of my favorite Wesley Willis songs. (There is cussing in some of these.) Enjoy!

1. I Whooped Batman’s Ass. Without a question, the greatest song about Batman ever. He was being such a jackoff.

2. Cut That Mullet. Do something about your long filthy hair. Perhaps the most annoying chorus in all of his songs, and that’s saying something.

3. Elvis Presley. He really pays homage to the king in this one. Wesley did a lot of songs where he honored music stars, including Eazy E, Alanis Morrissette, and Britney Spears.

4. Al Capone. Wesley likes Al Capone even less than he likes Batman. He is a hoodlum. He killed people gangland style.

5. Rock n Roll McDonalds. Probably Willis’s most famous piece. It makes no sense, but it was heard in SuperSize Me.

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