Week 2 of the JGTSI; One of Our Craziest Weeks Ever

Don’t remember the last time we had a week like this. The Jams fall, the Steak loses twice by double digits, and Duane’s World has to stage a furious comeback to win at the Black Sheep. L. Ron would have gone down at the Ugly American…but the 2nd place team forgot to look up the question of the week and it cost them the game. Duane’s World was down 16 at the Sheep, but Pesca pulled a Lebron in the 4th and missed the last 4 questions and missed the bonus by one year, costing them a 4 point lead. Meanwhile, the facebook physical challenge board is straight blowing up. The scoreboard is going to look very interesting come Monday. And out topic for next week? Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll. It’s only gonna get crazier.

UPDATE: Mike will not be hosting his quiz at Ugly American on Sunday night because of Father’s Day. We’ll keep you updated on his next quiz.

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