Beerlass’s Guide to Beer Week

Beer Week has gotten so huge and so insane that it’s become almost impossible to figure out which things you want to do. Beerlass to the rescue. Philadelphia’s Beerlass (who some of you old schoolers remember as the Lovely Ginger) knows everything there is to know about local beer and Beer Wek, and was kind enough to let us know what some of the coolest events are this year. Here are her top recommendations (Except for nights when there is quizzo to be played. Then you know where you need to be. Food and Drink quizzo all next week.)

Saturday June 4th
Kite and Key 2 pm
Throwdown in Franklintown- watch local beer peeps (myself included) duke it out with over-sized boxing gloves.

Block Party at Varga Bar- Local Heroes at Philadelphia Bar and Restaurant

If you are one for cask-conditioned beers -King Pin starts at 3 pm at Standard Tap meanwhile Sister bar has “A firkin Riot” wit the coolest firkin apparatus the city has ever seen.

Or if you wanna ride a wave- Prohibition Tap Room has surf rock and beers from the rad west coast brewery Lagunitas featured.

Sunday June 5th

It’s bike race day- avoid it or embrace it. Kite and Key will be celebrating the annual championship race with Stone Brewing Co and tricycle races.

At night you know where you need to be if you’re a fan of The Wire, I mean Johnny Goodtimes. He will be hosting a special “The Wire” quiz while the bar sipps on beers from North Coast- one of my favorite breweries.

If you’re one of those quizzo players that has some money to burn. Good Dog is hosting an 8 course dinner with 8 different Iron Hill beers from 8 different brewers. It will be a special night of eating and drinking. If you’re looking for a nice civilized start to your day- You can join me at Kennett in Queen Village for a beer brunch 1-3.

Monday June 6th
If it’s not already sold out- 12 pm-Punk Rock and Finger Sandwiches with Dogfish Head at Nodding Head promises to be one of the week’s highlights. DFH’s Sam Calagione will be there prior to his visit to Resurrection Ale house at 3 for a Mustache contest where a Victrola will provide the soundtrack.

At night- Late night with Joe Gunn kicks off. There are no words to describe the hilarity that this hour provides. You are guaranteed to see people drink too much whiskey during beer week, see an eating contest, and of course a live musical guest. Kick off at 11 pm.

Friday June 10th
From 6 till 9 Brooklyn brewery will be at Fergies with a rare firkin of Irish Stout and a bunch of cheese and beer pairing will take place.

Also at 6 pm- since I know you all like a little competition. It’s the 4th annual firkin off between Sly Fox and South Hampton. This is a serious drinking competition. Last year a 9 gallon firkin was drained in 8 minutes. Pick a team and help a brewery out;)

Saturday, June 11th
Enjoy sour beers? Nodding Head is hosting Phreddie and the Four Phunks. Brewmaster Gordon Grubb has been stockpiling some of his reserved barrel-aged beers. Sour is the new hop. 3 pm.

Wanna a little physical fitness in your beer week? A few bars in Fairmount our hosting the 2nd annual “Beermuda Triangle” run from Bishops collar, to Kite and Key , to St. Stephens Green drinking craft cans of Oskar Blues and Sly Fox all the while. Set up a team. The team that drinks the most cans wins. Oh and there’s a prize for the first to the finish line too 2 pm.

Sunday, June 12th
For all the vinyl collectors out there- Prohibition Tap Room is hosting “kegs eggs and BYOV” (Bring Your own vinyl) brunch) from 12 till?

And Philly survives yet another beer week. The week ends with a karaoke bash called the TTUD (That totally unnecessary drink) at Fergies upstairs with a lot of brewery folk. Fergie LOVES karaoke. This has become beer week tradition. It’s one of the most memorable events of the week.

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