Seinfeld, the Wire, and Sports: Quizzo News and Notes

Just a couple of quick notes as we head into the weekend. First of all, I’ll post my wife’s round a little later. In case you were curious, she’s a schoolteacher, not a marine biologist, but she minored in marine biology in college, so that’s why all the sea questions.

She was quite pleased when I told her that people did poorly on the round. She said, “Hanging around all your nerdy friends makes me feel kind of dumb sometimes. I’m glad to find out I know a few things they don’t know.”

Seinfeld fans: Keep in mind that Mike Minion is hosting a Seinfeld quiz this Sunday at 8 p.m. at the Ugly American. I’d wear my beach cologne there if I were you.

Fans of The Wire: I am extremely excited to announce that I will be hosting a Wire quiz at the POPE on Monday, June 6th, as part of beer week. I can’t tell you how exited I am about this quiz. ┬áMore details coming next week.

Sports fans: A couple of sports quizzes to look forward to this summer. Mike Minion will be hosting one at the UA in June, and I will be hosting one at City Tap House at some point this summer. No date set yet, but I’ll keep you updated. Also, please check out the latest on There’s a story on the site about Hall of Famer Robin Roberts and a 4th grader that’s gonna make your day.

City vs. City?: Me and Dicker from Denver are in talks about a city vs. city event for the summer. Hopefully we can put something together. I’ll keep ya updated.

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