Lebowski Quiz, Sci-Fi Quiz, and a Quiz on the Wire This Week

A big week for special quizzes, all of which promise to be fun. On Thursday, Koob and Kristy will be hosting a Lebowski Quiz at Drinker’s in Old City as part of a Benefit for The Dude Hates Cancer. $5 at the door with all proceeds going to the charity, and then settle in for what promises to be a Lebowski nerdfest. I’m hoping we can talk Koob to dress up as Walter. He’s done it before. The pic above is of Tom Sellick’s D*** Duster, who won their quiz last week at Drinkers on Tarantino films.

On Sunday, Mike Minion is hosting a Sci-fi quiz. Since I sometimes consider Mike himself a work of science fiction, this quiz should be right up his alley. If you like Isaac Asimov and weird movies about robots from space, I think this is the quiz you’re looking for.

Also on Sunday, I’ll be hosting another quiz for beer week at the POPE. But this time, the quiz won’t be about beer. It will be about the best show in TV history, The Wire. I am extremely excited about this quiz. If you know your burners, re-ups, and hoppers, this quiz will be for you. More details later this week. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeit.

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