Andy Reid Supports Steve-O

Anyone who is a registered Republican and lives in Philadelphia, please go to the polls tomorrow to vote for Steve Odabashian and only Steve Odabashian. Those of us who have been lucky enough to know Steve are well aware of the fact that he is not a seasoned politician. If we was, we probably couldn’t stand him. Instead, Steve is a caring, thoughtful, and compassionate human being who is running for this office not for money, glory, or power, but because he loves this city and he wants to help it reach its potential. Not to mention that he has won 3 Quizzo Bowls with an intellect that, quite frankly dwarfs most of his opponents (who combined have won 0 Quizzo Bowls.) Please get out to vote tomorrow, and please vote Steve-O. Furthermore, if any of you are free and want to help Steve out tomorrow, please contact him on facebook.

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