Sports Quiz Friday Night

Mike Minion is hosting an All-Sports quiz at the Ugly American on Friday night. Here are the details.

Calling All Sports Fans!

Sports is all about competition. To quote the opening speech from Patton: “Americans love a winner, and will not tolerate a loser.” Well, to win, you have to play.

The Ugly American is the place for winners to be this Friday night. Why? First and foremost, the Phillies will be on the big screen TVs. If that’s not enough, there’s gonna be an All Sports quiz with plenty of cool prizes to be won. And since the season just got underway, the theme is a tribute to baseball, with an interesting twist.

To be a successful quizzo player, all you have to do is answer questions. But to be successful in the major leagues, a player has to be able to hit, run, field and throw. So the first 4 rounds of questions will be: Hitting, Running, Fielding, and Throwing. The twist is these rounds will be about any sport other than baseball. The 5th and final round will be 10 challenging questions on baseball (and you can probably count on a few of them being about the Phils).

Now, you might be saying, “I don’t want to answer questions when the Phillies are on – I just wanna watch the game.” Believe me, I understand exactly how you feel. So, all the questions will be asked BETWEEN innings. One round of quizzo = one inning of the game. We’ll start after the first inning is over, and the last question will be asked at the end of the 6th. The final scores and prizes will be awarded during the 7th inning stretch.

And what prizes!. In addition to the normal gift certificates, I’ll give away: a Wade Boggs baseball bat, a pair of Everlast training gloves, a Blackburn bicycle pump, a baseball that tells you how fast you throw, a sleeve of golf balls, an amazing Nerf football with fins, and a bunch of baseball caps. The winning team gets a solid (plastic) gold (colored) trophy to take home, too. Best of all, corn dogs will be one dollar during the quiz.

Step up to the plate and prove you know your sports.  Starting time is 8 p.m. See you at the Ugly American.


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