Da Vinci Quiz Next Friday! (and other quizzo news)

Hey kids, gonna have a very fun quiz next Friday night the 25th that you should check out. It is $15 to get in, but that includes admission to the museum, admission to the Da Vinci exhibit (Tix are normally $24.50 to the exhibit alone), and quizzo. There will be a DJ, raffles, and yes, there will be booze. Gonna be a very fun night, and a cool way to check out one of the city’s coolest spots. Hope you can make it.

It’s all about Quizzo, Philadelphia’s pub quiz game. Local teams (Sofa Kingdom) and celebrities (Johnny Goodtimes, the Bob Barker of Quizzo hosts) involved with it are showcased in this entertaining documentary.

  • The JGTSpI is now through week 2. Scoreboard coming Monday. There is currently a very easy physical challenge that can earn you some points. Just wear an article of clothing with a team in the tourney on it (see post below). And don’t worry if you haven’t scored yet. This one is gonna run a little longer than in the past, so you’ve still got plenty of time.
  • If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly suggest the catheter videos I posted earlier this week. I really think you’re going to enjoy them.
  • As for next week, the best place to get a win is definitely O’Neals. Been really quiet there the past few weeks. Hanging out there right now, watching some NCAA hoops with Koob (Steak Em Up) and Todd, Steve, and Greg (The Savage Ear.), and Hunter (Todd and Lil). Life is good. Enjoy the weather and have a great weekend everybody!

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