Quizzo News and Notes


If you are here looking for Quizzo Bowl scores, pics, and videos, click here to go to the JGT Quizzo Page on facebook. All the important stuff is up there.

As for quizzo in the next few weeks, as you can see below there is a lot going on. In addition to the quizzo and comedy in Old City on Monday night, Mike Minion is hosting a post-Oscars movie quiz at the Westbury  at 9 p.m. Monday night.

The Spring Quizzo Invitational will be kicking off on March 7th. Teams who earn the most points will get an invite to the Big Spring Event (Time and location TBA).

I will try to get Quizzo Bowl questions posted on the site early next week. Have a great weekend everybody,a nd hope to see you Monday night!

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