French Fry Thursday Tonight!

frenchfry1-1All new quiz tonight! We kick it off at Ugly American at 8 p.m. $2 Lagers and perhaps the most parity in the quizzosphere make this a great spot to play. Of course, I’ll then be moving on to the Bards at 10:15 p.m. Was a little out of control for a few weeks, with teams playing way in the back but it’s quieted down a touch the last couple of weeks, so if you’re a team that got frustrated by not getting a table, you should be good tonight.

IN OTHER NEWS: Man, this is getting insane. Have some great celebrity guests lined up to ask questions at Quizzo Bowl, and still looking for more. Meanwhile, I just spoke with the band’s leader and I think the most popular move in the history of my quiz is going to be changing the 50-50 round to a music round. This music round is going to be incredible. I’m already getting nervous about it, and it’s 9 days away. I still have a million things to do before this wild card round becomes a reality, but I think it’s gonna pay off in spades. Let me just put it this way: Schoolly D dissed one of our quizzo teams while asking a question on video last night. It’s gonna be that type of insane.

UPDATE: A very fun picture round tonight at quizzo.

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