All-Star Quiz on Sunday

starwars_vs_startrek1Mike Minion is gonna be geeking out hard on Sunday, and he hopes you’ll join him. He’s gonna be hosting a Star Wars, Star Trek, and astronomy quiz that is sure to get some of you Vulcans out of your mom’s basements for the evening. Here’s the details from Kirk Minion:

The Fault, dear Quizzers, is not in our stars …

… but in ourselves, if we stay home this Sunday night and miss the ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA! Yes folks, if you’ve ever donned a set of pointy ears, this quiz is for you. We’ll have a quiet place in the back where you can work on your Klingon pronunciation and not bother the rest of us. But if you just enjoy the voyages of the Starship Enterprise and/or The Millennium Falcon, this Sunday will be a lot of fun. We’re gonna go 5 rounds, covering the following topics:

ROUND 1: Captains Courageous — This round will be devoted to the intrepid men and woman in charge, and the craft they called their own

ROUND 2: Twinkle, twinkle little star — Ten questions on the lesser-known roles by the stars of the series

ROUND 3: Hey buddy, let me see your green card — This round is all about alien races and the planets they inhabit

ROUND 4: She blinded me with science — A round saluting all the truly terrible “science” in the shows and movies

ROUND 5: There are more things in Heaven and Earth… — The impossible round. A hodgepodge of difficult trivia.

I’m going to try to include some audio questions in each round to make it interesting. Remember, the quiz starts at 2100 EST on 2 March 2011. (That’s 9 PM this Sunday for the less-geeky, more well-adjusted quizzo fan. Wait, scratch that: there is no such thing as a well-adjusted quizzo fan)

Hope to see you there. On Wednesday, I’ll be putting hints, a list of prizes, and some other info on this site and my Facebook page. For now, Kirk out.

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