All-Star Quiz Next Sunday!

Good news, uber-nerds. Mike Minion’s gonna be hosting an “All-Star” quiz at the Westbury next Sunday night! Here’s the details:
An “All-Star” quiz: 5 rounds of questions on Star Trek and Star Wars, with a few questions about astronomy for good measure
Date:  Sunday March 6
Time:  9:00 PM
Place: The Westbury at 13th and Spruce
Prizes: $50 gift certificate for first, plus a whole bunch of Star Trek and Star Wars collectables and DVDs.  $25 GC for 2nd and some cool items as well.  An example of the fun stuff: A complete set of original Star Trek cast Pez dispensers!
Your Host:  Mike Minion
The topics for the rounds and some other info will be posted on the JGT site next week.

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