Who’s Gonna Step Up on Big Money Tuesday?

MoneyToBurnWe’ve been playing to sold out crowds at the Vous and Black Sheep. Good luck finding a table at the Bards, and the Ugly American was rocking this past weekend. Best place to find a seat? Well, right now it happens to be at the two places that offer up the best prizes, O’Neals and City Tap House. At O’Neals the winner walks with a $50 gift certificate, and at City Tap House it is an outrageous $100 GC for first. Furthermore, I only let Steak Em Up play once or twice a month at City Tap House, making sure that we’ll have some parity there, so in addition to having the best prize it also provides one of your best chances of winning. O’Neals at 8 pm, CTH at 10:1 5 pm. Hope to see ya tonight!

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