Quizzo and Football: Together Tonight

frenchfry1-1 Well, I suppose you’ve got a choice tonight. You could go to some modern day Gomorrah of a bar and repeatedly spell a 6-letter bird hundreds of times, or you could actually use your brain while enjoying football. A radical notion, I know, but hey, the future is here. Climb aboard.

We start at Ugly American (Front and Federal) at 8 p.m. Every time the Eagles score a touchdown, I ask a new French Fry question. If this game is anything like the Redskins game a few weeks ago, we could have dozens of french fry baskets throughout the bar. Also, Lagers are a mere $2 and Kenzingers are $3. At the Bards, action kicks off at 10:15 p.m. We had last week off for the holiday but hopefully can back to the packed houses we’ve had in the month leading up to that. Their awesome projector TV will of course be showing the game. Hope to see ya tonight!

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