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2010filmHad the night off last night due to that embarrassing Eagles game, so I went to play the Big Quiz Thing (movie edition)¬†at World Cafe Live. Really was a lot of fun (Koob did a write up about the last one.) We had the lead all game, but at the end they make each of the top 3 teams pick a member to go up front and answer questions, and first one to answer 2 correctly wins. I like the game show aspect, and may use something like it at Quizzo Bowl, but not to determine the outcome of the game. I wasn’t crazy about that part of it. But the rest of it was very entertaining.

But needless to say, while New York runs a fine little quiz, we are in the Quizzo Capital of the World. So come out tonight and play the real deal, will ya? At the Rendezvous at 6:15 p.m. $3 Victory Pints and $2 Bud Lights 16 ouncers. Then we move to the Black Sheep at 8 p.m., where those who played last week got to hear me tell some screaming moron to go back to Jersey. I’m gonna give away a few more prizes tonight in a variety of ways, and the quiz will have a very “Year in Review” feel to it, though not all questions will be Year in Review themed. One quiz this week. My long time husband¬†roommate Trivia Art just moved out, so we have a lot of reorganizing to do around the house. That means that 4 quizzes, and 4 different winners this week. Question of the week coming soon. Hope to see ya tonight!

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